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We want to see it! 

Christmas makes almost everyone

festive- especially when it comes

to decorating the tree.


Are you that one family member

that go all Griswaldy'?

Are people lined up at your door

or on your social media posts- swooning over your  Christmas Tree?  

If you think you have a magnificently- fabulous or uncannily creative Christmas tree, we would love the opportunity to share your creation

with the world!  


We don't just want to highlight your home Cristmas trees. We want to see specialty trees from schools, parks, churches and organizations featured in your neighborhoods too!

We are on a mission to feature the biggest Christmas enthusiasts in the country!

To be considered as a contestant on the show, click on the link below, fill out the application form and upload your video!  Be sure to log onto our Facebook page to share Christmas tips, take fun surveys and more- all to immerse yourself into the Spirit go the Holiday! 

Here are tips For Shooting VideO!
  1. For best results use a tripod if possible or have someone record you introducing yourself and your team.  Be sure to state the names and ages of all your teammates and specify your hometown in your video.

  2. Turn the cell phone horizontally (wide) while shooting video so that footage fills the screen. 

  3. On the video footage of your Christmas Tree capture as smoothly and slowly as possible. We need to see the and hear the details.

  4. Be deliberate in capturing slow and fluid top to bottom, left to right and zig zag camera movements. If you have experience with shooting, try to circle your tree slowly. Also slow zooming in and out on key features will help us to see what it is you'd like for us to appreciate about your Christmas tree.



You may submit a video highlighting key features on your tree with an overall whole tree shot  (3 min or less each please).  Provide a link to a video clip in our submission form.  This includes an online video (including Social Media) of your Christmas Tree.   

In the effort to expedite our 2019 selection process, we would like you to submit a video answering each of the following questions:


Name yourself & any family / team members in video (State family or organization name)​


How did you become a Christmas Tree Enthusiast?


What are your favorite memories about Christmas & the Christmas Tree?


Why is your tree special? Describe elements and why they're special (i.e. bulbs, lights, garland)


What do you want people to feel when they see your tree?


Sing your best, "Oh, Christmas Tree!" line. Make it fun!




Let's See Those Trees!

Upload Video File

Thanks for submitting!

Do You Have Questions? 

email us!